Getting Customers to Love Your Brand

For marketers, the “holy grail” is for customers to not just use the product; we want them to love it so much that they tell all their friends!  But how do we make that happen?  Forbes asked Jeff Mancini, Director of Digital Strategy for Interbrand.  He had some great advice.  One interesting point: brands need to earn customers’ advocacy:

“We are hard-wired to return a favor.  We advocate for brands because they have earned it with us.”

He also pointed out that engaging with customers is not the same as just reaching customers.  They way to get real engagement is through content:

“Smart brands are driving real business value by creating content for the consumer that adds value and deepens the relationship.”

Read the full article here.

The kind of engagement Mancini talks about is what we’re seeing with Facebook’s emphasis on “sponsored stories” as against traditional ads.  With sponsored stories, users don’t just see an ad that’s targeted to them; rather, they see a notification that tells them about one or more of their friends who like the product.  Talk about advocacy!  The different types of Facebook sponsored stories are explained here.

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