Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

I’m happy to say that I’ve been chosen to be a presenter at the Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research, which will take place in Vienna, April 13-15.  I’m going to be presenting on the topic of customer experience research; I hope to see you there!  (For more information, go to http://qrca.org/vienna2016)

In the past few years, customer experience has become a focus for corporations around the world.  And with good reason: companies that provide a superior customer experience enjoy huge advantages in profitability and growth.  So why do most companies fail at customer experience?  And why do customers continue to report low satisfaction levels?

The problem is that many customer experience programs are too narrow.  They look at a series of touchpoints and frequently don’t understand the customer overall.  Companies can provide a superior customer experience by understanding the whole customer and connecting with customers both rationally and emotionally.

To do this, I recommend using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to gain a deep understanding of the customer.  In addition, companies should not be afraid to go beyond being bland and sterile and develop a “personality” and tone of voice.  I’ve found that customers personalize their relationship with companies whether the company intended them to or not.  Successful companies embrace that relationship.

Companies that take the approach above are able to make “delight the customer” more than just a buzzword, but a reality!  For details on how to do so, I’d be glad to give my presentation “Take Customer Experience to the Next Level” – just give me a call at 818-752-7210 or email info at bureauwest.com.