Going Beyond Branding

You know how you go to a conference and different presentations seem to coalesce and reinforce the same point?  That happened to me last week at the MRA Insights & Strategies Conference.  Thursday started with a great keynote speech from Derek Thompson.  It was about understanding Millennials, but one thing he said made sense for […]

Making Sense of All the Data

I just got back from the Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in Vienna.  One of the themes that emerged for me was the fact that qualitative researchers are in greater demand today because we can help our clients make sense of the very large amount of data they’re receiving from sources such as website analytics, […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Big Data

“Big Data” is becoming ever more important to companies to maintain a competitive advantage.  As companies strive to improve their customer experience, they realize they need to utilize Big Data to gain a better understanding of customers’ needs and to provide customized, targeted products and services. I’m using the term “Big Data” to refer to […]