Don’t Be Afraid of Big Data

“Big Data” is becoming ever more important to companies to maintain a competitive advantage.  As companies strive to improve their customer experience, they realize they need to utilize Big Data to gain a better understanding of customers’ needs and to provide customized, targeted products and services. I’m using the term “Big Data” to refer to […]

Influence: How to Change Minds

Happy New Year!  Over the holidays, I have been working on a new presentation, combining my research experience with that of other experts to uncover what all marketers want to know: how to change minds.  Whether we want people to move from another brand to ours, try a new product, or even make a positive […]

Looking Into the Future

I got back from the World Future Society conference a week ago, and my mind is still spinning!  For me, attending this conference meant stretching beyond my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did.  The presentations and topics brought up at the conference were fascinating. One of the themes that emerged from several presentations: robotics […]