Getting Answers Fast

Nowadays, clients frequently need answers to their research questions fast.  I mean, really fast.  As in within days.  That’s challenging, but not impossible.  A few days ago, my colleagues and I at ThinkGlobal Qualitative decided we wanted to learn about the current Pokemon Go craze while it’s still new, and we were able to complete research with participants around the world in 48 hours!

How’d we do it?

  • We were able to recruit participants quickly because the topic was of interest to them and there were no complicated qualifications to participate: if you play Pokemon Go, we want your opinions.
  • Multiple researchers from ThinkGlobal Qualitative around the world were able to pitch in and share the burden of conducting and analyzing the research; and with different time zones, we were basically able to work around the clock.

But not all topics are as popular as Pokemon Go.  How can you nonetheless conduct research fast?  I recently attended a presentation by Janet Standen, who explained how she and her partner Katrina Noelle have accelerated the research timeline at their company Scoot Insights.  Some tips:

  • Simplify recruiting requirements as much as possible. Do you really need participants that are “a needle in a haystack” in order to obtain valid insights?
  • Consider alternative recruiting approaches, such as in-person intercept recruiting and recruiting that starts with a large online survey
  • Have an analyst attend the research, so a report can be completed more quickly
  • Have clients assist in the analysis, recording their insights during the research and participating in an interactive debrief immediately after the research is completed

But back to the Pokemon Go research: it was fascinating!  People are getting out of their house and office, walking more, and even making new friends.  And Pokemon Go seems to be a comfort to people during these times of scary events happening around the world.  Read more here.

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