The Science of Persuasion

methodspersuasionI just finished reading a great book by Nick Kolenda, Methods of Persuasion: How to Use Psychology to Influence Human Behavior.  The book synthesizes a great deal of scientific knowledge in the fields of psychology and behavioral economics, and is full of specific tactics marketers and advertisers can use to be more effective.  I recommend it!

There are too many tactics to summarize here, but I then went to his website and found this “guide to advertising psychology” where I saw a great tidbit that resonated with me and should be relevant to many of you:

When advertising a product that is very familiar, consider using emotional appeals (e.g., “all the cool kids are doing it”).  But when advertising a product that is new or innovative, use a rational appeal (e.g., “download our app because of x, y and z”).

When customers are familiar with your product, they feel they already know what they need to know, and don’t want to spend time reading your ad – that’s when we need to grab their attention with an emotional appeal.  But when customers aren’t familiar with the product, they need a rational reason to consider it.

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