Bureau West

Market Research/Voice of the Customer

Bureau West is a consortium of marketing and market research professionals. Our associates offer expertise in a wide variety of fields, including e-business, healthcare, consumer goods, high technology, business-to-business, financial services, and many more.  Bureau West was founded by Jay Zaltzman in 1995.

We conduct in-person focus groups, as well as online discussion board groups, video-conferencing groups, one-on-one interviews, online and offline surveys, and website usability and effectiveness testing. We encourage our clients to call us early when they’re considering research, so we can provide advice on the most appropriate research method or combination of methods.  We are also able to conduct research around the world through our affiliation with ThinkGlobal Qualitative.

Read our Research Tidbits to see what we’ve been thinking about lately.  (Would you like to receive our Research Tidbits every month or so by email?  Simply send an email to info at bureauwest.com with the words “Research Tidbits” in the subject line, and include your name and preferred email address to receive the tidbits.)

And take a look at Conducting Research for tips on how to conduct research more effectively.