Conducting Global Research

I find conducting qualitative research in multiple countries to be fascinating, but international projects also present some unique challenges.  Here are some tips for the next time you need to conduct global research: Involve your local research partners.  Don’t assume you can simply copy the research you’re doing in the US and do the exact […]

Getting Answers Fast

Nowadays, clients frequently need answers to their research questions fast.  I mean, really fast.  As in within days.  That’s challenging, but not impossible.  A few days ago, my colleagues and I at ThinkGlobal Qualitative decided we wanted to learn about the current Pokemon Go craze while it’s still new, and we were able to complete […]

Going Beyond Branding

You know how you go to a conference and different presentations seem to coalesce and reinforce the same point?  That happened to me last week at the MRA Insights & Strategies Conference.  Thursday started with a great keynote speech from Derek Thompson.  It was about understanding Millennials, but one thing he said made sense for […]